REGEN ASPEN is an advanced aesthetics, anti-aging and regenerative medical center. Dr. Gail King, our medical director, is board certified in several specialties and is an international leader in anti-aging treatments and research. Our Regen Aspen team includes medical aestheticians and complementary practitioners, providing you customized therapies and services.


We offer a wide spectrum of procedures as complex as stem cell therapy to as simple as medical grade facials. Our practice incorporates state of the art lasers, injectables and fillers, non-invasive body contouring, IV administration, skin treatments and other therapies. Our staff is eager to discuss your treatment options, whether you are seeking help for wrinkles, sun damage, body shaping, or serious degenerative medical conditions.


Regen Aspen proudly offers over 100 advanced protocols and sophisticated technologies for all your needs, inside and out.


Dr. Gail King

“The Vagina Doctor”
The second revised edition is coming soon!

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radio interview, "Let's Talk About it!" 

Dr. Gail King is a board certified gynecologic surgeon, graduating and completing her residency at the University of Colorado in Denver. Further training and fellowships led to Dr. King's other cutting edge medical ventures:

Her Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Aspen for intimate cosmetic surgery combines her aesthetic eye and her trademarked Vaginal RegenaLift™ Platelet-Rich-Plasma therapy with advanced laser surgical techniques. She operates in Aspen and Dubai.

Dr. King co-founded and is Managing Partner of Regen Aspen, an advanced medical center encompassing all aspects of anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Cornerstone therapies include intravenous infusions of vitamins, minerals and phospholipids for systemic toxin removal.

As a property and business owner in Aspen, Dr. King is active in community service. She co-founded and serves as Vice President of Health Aspen, a non-profit foundation. In January 2015, Dr. King released her first full-length book, Legs Up! The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide for Your Vagina.

In discovering and resolving health concerns, Dr. King strives to enable patients of the 21st century to enjoy the highest quality of life.


Afton McLain

Medical Aesthetician


Afton was born and raised in the Aspen area and has been an intricate part of Regen Aspen for the past 3+ years. She is dedicated to the health and longevity of her clients skin, and finds true reward and joy in changing their lives with tangible results. Afton believes in a caring and attentive environment where all concerns can be addressed.




Non-invasive body contouring for spot fat reduction. Improves stubborn deposits that no amount of exercise or diet will remedy.


We utilize state of the art laser technologies that target problematic sun damaged skin, scarring, and tissue rejuvenation. Regen Aspen features the only tattoo removal laser in the Roaring Fork Valley. Achieve that inner confidence you’ve been seeking.



IV Infusions are injected directly into the bloodstream.  This direct route bypasses ordinary digestive processes and enhances absorption of essential nutrients.


Treatments and injectable therapy to brighten skin texture, eliminate wrinkles, tighten dermal laxity, and address unsightly varicose veins. Feel complete and self-assured and treat yourself to a therapy that will give you that polished glow.


Marla H

A year ago I began PC therapy with Dr. Gail King. The results have been significant. I have improved to the point of near full recovery. I am very grateful to the contribution Dr. King  has made to my health and to my goal of reclaiming my life.

Ruth B

I've seen most of the doctors in Aspen, naturopaths, chiropractors, and specialists. I was told that my condition would never go away, and that in fact it might get much worse. Dr. King is the only one who looked for and found the root causes of my illness.

Zachary B

Ultrashape is a truly non-invasive solution for those of us with stubborn belly-fat. There was no pain or discomfort, I felt unsure if anything was even happening during the process.  I was amazed at the results I saw after my treatments. 



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Regen Aspen has a 24 hour notification requirement when clients are unable to keep scheduled appointments 
Clients will be responsible for:

*50% of their treatment cost after 24 hours

*100% of their treatment cost if they do not show without notification